The Benefits of Adjustable Standing Desk

Perhaps, you already know some of the benefits of standing work. And you may already decide to get a sit-stand desk for yourself.

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of getting an adjustable or standing desk or a desktop converter. Moreover, it wasn’t to be the expensive one. There are a lot of great affordable alternatives to top standing desks.

What this really comes down to is what’s good about standing while you work, over sitting while you work. Now, standing desks are getting a lot of attention right now, a lot … they’re very popular. The adjustable desk that lets you stand up is very popular.

Standing Desk Work

The reason they’re so popular is that people are finding that they really enjoy being able to choose their position when they work. I’m a pretty active person and I’m a pretty animated person and I like to move and fidget. And so sitting down all day gets difficult. I feel like I have to get up and walk around to get some of that out. But when I have a standing desk, I find that I just choose the position based on my mood.

If I feel like standing up, no problem, I’ll just stand up, I’ll work here for a while. If I get tired, or if I want to focus a little bit more, I might decide that I want to sit down for a while.

Or if for some reason, maybe I worked out that day and my back’s tired or my legs are tired, maybe I’ll prefer to sit down. That’s really the benefit of a standing desk because it lets you adjust to your preference at that time about whether you want to stand or sit.

The Pros of Standing Desks

  1. What are some good things about the desk? Well, for one, you can match the way you work with how you’re feeling and your energy level. That’s number one.
  2. Number two: You’re going to have a little bit more hum and a little bit more energy being burned when you’re standing than when you’re sitting. When you’re sitting there’s so much of your body that’s relaxed and not doing anything.
  3. Another benefit of the standing desk is that from a collaboration standpoint when someone comes up to your desk, it’s much easier to collaborate up here than to have to always go find a filing cabinet to sit on or a chair to move over to your desk.

Here, you can just lean in, you can have a quick meeting or conversation. I can show you some things and then you can be about your way. There’s a lot of advantages to the standing desk, and particularly being able to adjust standing to sitting or the opposite way. Choose your standing desk wisely, like you choose the equipment for your hobby.

Image source: Autonomous