How to Choose a Good Quality Rain Umbrella

It will happen to all of us at one time or another. We don’t realize that it is going to rain and we have to buy a cheap umbrella at some local newsstand or vendor only to find that umbrella becomes turned inside out or warped after a few uses. While most people don’t expect much from these temporary umbrellas, it’s a good idea to buy some quality clear umbrellas, which you can leave strategically throughout your life (work, home, car). Here are some considerations that you should have when seeking out a good quality rain umbrella.

Girl with an umbrella

1) Size Matters:

The size of your umbrella is a dual factor for many people. If you are tall, you will need an umbrella that is large enough to protect your legs and feet from rain, particularly on windy days. However, you will likely want an umbrella that is portable as well and can possibly be placed in a bag. Some people solve this problem by choosing to carry two types of umbrellas for different types of rainy days. However, the quality of the umbrella still matters. The large umbrellas need to be constructed from materials that are light but durable and aren’t prone to snapping despite a large amount of the wind that can get into them. The small umbrellas need to be well built as they are often made up of many smaller components, each of which has the potential to break. Look for quality rivets when examining the umbrellas that you are considering to buy, because they will bind together the different components of the umbrella and make sure that the material used to build the umbrella is not flimsy. Rivets are particularly important because many modern umbrellas have over a hundred different component parts to them.

2) Construction for Preventing Umbrellas from Inverting:

The design and construction of your umbrella are important as well. The best quality rain umbrellas have a dual canopy that prevents the rain from seeping in on your head but allow the air to escape from the space between the canopies so that the umbrella is unlikely to invest. The strongly constructed ribs to bind the plastic fabric to the umbrella frame are important as flimsy materials will often bend and break in the wind. Construction and design of the umbrella are two most important components for high-quality rain umbrellas.

Black umbrella3) Price Matters:

You won’t be able to find a good quality umbrella for cheap, and certainly not for the five or ten dollars that you pay for umbrellas when there is an emergency and you forgot yours. Be prepared to pay approximately $30 for a good quality umbrella and focus on products that are well constructed, durable and constructed in the size appropriate for your needs. The longer life of the umbrella is more than likely to pay for itself compared to the cheaper disposable models you are likely buying.

Investing in good quality umbrellas is important for keeping yourself dry. Pay attention to quality, design, and price when you are picking up a good quality rain umbrella for the best results.

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