How to Improve Your Baby’s Sleeping?

baby is falling asleep

In addition to the daily routine, there are 7 simple but effective tips on how to improve kids’ sleep and maintain the health of the whole family.

1. Basic comfort

Make sure that the baby is healthy and doesn’t feel hungry or uncomfortable. Sometimes even common wrinkles on the sheet can distract the baby from falling asleep. So the baby’s room should be cozy and soothing.

2. Relaxing bath

Help your baby relax before bedtime with a warm bath. The water temperature should be close to body temperature. Too hot or cold water could, on the contrary, cause overexcitement. To improve the sleep of older kids, you can additionally use aromatherapy agents: essential oils and herbal tinctures, but be careful when using them.

3. Soothing music

Use relaxing bedtime music or lullabies to help your baby calm down. Joint listening to music has a soft relaxing effect, normalizes heart rate and relieves muscle tension. This advice is also suitable for older kids and even adults.

4. A suitable sleeper

Properly equipped sleeping place for the baby will provide a quiet sleep. It’s important to maintain favorite conditions in the bedroom: the air temperature shouldn’t be higher than 21 degrees, average humidity, a very weak source of ambient light or complete darkness. The crib should be strongly associated with sleep. You shouldn’t feed your baby or play with him there.

baby is sleeping

5. ‘White noise’

Babies fall asleep better and harder if there is a constant and familiar source of sound in the sleeping room, for example, the voices of parents or the noise from washing up – the so-called ‘white noise’. That’s why pediatricians don’t recommend providing complete silence during the laying of the baby and his sleeping. Accustomed to falling asleep with an average noise level, the baby will be able to feel more confident and calm. However, it’s important to remember that this skill is formed in the first 6 weeks!

6. The ritual of going to bed

The most common advice is how to improve the baby’s sleep of 1-year-old and older but it’s also suitable for newborns. A simple sequence of 3-4 actions that are performed every night and lead to sleep will help the baby get used quickly to the regime of the day and tune in to fall asleep. Depending on age, different activities may be included in the going to bed ritual.

7. The Sleeping Diary

Despite all efforts, if the baby is still sleeping poorly and restlessly, keeping records of sleeping sessions reveals hidden, previously unnoticed causes of sleep issues. This may be some kind of exercise, stress, taking medication or family habits. In the sleep diary you need to write down answers to questions like the following:

  • What time does the baby fall asleep?
  • How long is he sleeping?
  • How many times does he wake up during the night?
  • How long does he need to fall asleep again?
  • What is the duration of sleep in general?
  • How to entertain the kid before going to bed?
  • Does the baby sleep during the day?
  • Does he have any reasons to be upset or anxious?

Based on the notes in such a diary, within 2-3 weeks you can fairly identify the cause of sleeping problems and solve it yourself or with the help of a specialist. Also there are lots of gadgets for babies that may help you ease some daily routines.

We hope that our 7 tips for improving your baby’s sleep will help have time for your own mommy’s morning routines.