5 Ways to Combine Work and Travel

person holding terrestrial globe

If your dream job is related to traveling and the routine office is in the distant past, this article is for you. Want to combine work and travel? Here are some options for how you can do it.

Option 1. Look for a job that is easy to get a job

If you do not intend to build up a career and you need work only in order to earn money and leave, find an easily accessible but profitable job. Earn money which will be enough for the first time, and you can leave for a couple of months or even years abroad. By the way, if there is such an opportunity, find a job that you will do abroad before you leave the country. It’s always nice to know that upon returning you don’t need to look for a new job – it will already be waiting for you. This can be a project work like hostesses (in fact, there are always a lot of offers on New Year’s holidays), a translator, a waiter / bartender / consultant in a store.

Option 2. Become an independent employee (freelancer)

The best option for combining work and travel is freelance. So you a get a flexible schedule that is great to set your days off whenever you want. But remember that freelancer may be not a steady job so be ready to run out of the budget at first.

What are my suggested freelance options?

  • Tutor. If you know a foreign language well, you can safely take students and teach them! There are always people abroad who would like to broaden their horizons.
  • Interpreter. You can translate texts, articles, and documents via the Internet while boldly traveling the world. What a perfect job if you know a foreign language.
  • Photographer. You can take photo shoots in your country, gain a portfolio and, having left to live abroad, earn money on the set. Many tourists take professional photographers to preserve memories not only on the front camera of the iPhone. So, if you’re keen on photography, think about such work.
  • Journalist. It’s not about a full-time journalist, I mean a freelance journalist. It’s enough to find a portal (or several portals) that will be happy to pay for your work, and that’s it – travel, live long in different cities, most importantly – follow the deadlines and improve your speech.
  • Web Designer. The job requires certain knowledge and the presence of taste but it’s certainly in the trend. You just need a fast laptop and a durable desk. Now it’s not so easy to find a responsible, talented and adequate web designer. Maybe it’s you!

Option 3: Short-time or seasonal job that feeds all year

As a rule, such work is limited to one season. For example, in summer at the resorts, people are always needed – in hotels, restaurants and so on. There you can earn great money and go to another country. The same situation in winter but with ski resorts.

Option 4: Find travel-related jobs

This type of work has a number of obvious advantages but they don’t always allow you to choose where to go. This is the work of a translator, assistant at international exhibitions, travel agents, guides, etc.

Option 5 (my favorite): Start your own business

This option is the most difficult because before you reach the level where you can travel and the business will function without you, it will take not a year or two. But then, unlike other options, setting up your own business guarantees more or less stable earnings and confidence in the future.

And which option is right for you, working home or abroad?