Stunning Game Activities for the Whole Family

siblings playing foosball

Family games are needed both for adults and kids. They unite the family and boost everyone with positive emotions. Competitive spirit and excitement are very close. And the time spent together is always remembered with kindness and a smile.

The undoubted benefits of family games:

  • active communication of all family members,
  • mutual understanding,
  • imagination development,
  • gaining new knowledge,
  • positive emotions,
  • cheerfulness.

So how can you have a fun and productive evening?

Family Board Games

Board games for the whole family are a great alternative to computer battles. The convenience of games at the table is that they are sold in ready-made sets. If desired, they can be made by yourself using felt-tip pens and paper.


An economic game is suitable for all ages. The essence of the game is quite simple – you need to use the starting capital wisely. The winner is the one who left the rivals bankrupt.

Imagination Games

Such sets of games include cards with images. They need to be guessed in different ways. Popular kits include Imaginarium, Dixit, Codenames, Muse.


A useful and exciting game for the development of erudition and knowledge. Players answer questions from cards and earn points. In other variations of the game, words are compiled from got cards.


The game does not lose popularity because of the fascinating detective story and simple rules. The participants in the game are divided into Mafiosi and honest citizens. Honest citizens want to get rid of the mafia. The mystery is that no one knows who is who. The outcome of the game is often unpredictable.

Creative games and contests

Family games and competitions develop creative thinking, imagination, contribute to the rapprochement of participants. The most exciting gameplay is made by simple rules and emotions of family members. These are fun games for the whole family, which charge you with enthusiasm and energy of joy.

Merry mime

This game has many names: associations, mime game, guess who, etc. Participants in the game show words or phrases with facial expressions and gestures. Cards with tasks are prepared in advance.

Word game

You must select an area for words: names, food, objects. The game is very simple. Each participant calls a word by letter, which ends the previous word. An alternative is the Game of the City.

boy is playing with ball

Outdoor games for the whole family at home and outdoors

Outdoor games require space and a good mood. They can be arranged in a spacious room or while relaxing in nature.


To play this interesting game, you need to purchase a set of Twister. The set includes a special field with markings made of colorful spots. Lead spins the drum. It indicates where the players need to step. During the game, participants twist in unimaginable poses.


This kind of costume ball is suitable for a variety of ordinary everyday life, as well as for family holidays. Participants form a circle and dance. In the center of the circle is a bag with a wide variety of amusing things: glasses, knickers, caps, etc. Those present put on clothing in turn, continuing to dance. By the end of the dance, everyone gets an absurd and funny look. Toward the curtain, a fashion show is held.


To play forfeits you need to prepare in advance. Funny and creative tasks are written on pieces of paper:

  • incendiary dance,
  • you sing us a song,
  • wave your wings and like a butterfly,
  • live without worries, tell us a joke.

All those who have received the assignments fulfill them one at a time and receive prizes or applause.

Sport games

A summer evening on the lawn can not do without sports games and competitions. Each family chooses games, relying on physical capabilities and improvised inventory. They cheer up and sports spirit: futsal, volleyball, badminton, funny relay races, etc.

Artful Janitor

We turn the cleaning of the room into fun: temporarily collect scattered toys, wipe the dust and water the flowers. Also, having previously scattered children’s socks around the room, you can try to collect them back to music in pairs.

These fun and interesting family games will rally and amuse all family members, including grandparents. Of course, this is not a complete list of games. Surely, everyone has something to supplement this list of family fun. When the years fly by, the children will remember with a smile these very positive game moments. And you can play them on weekdays and on holidays.